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There's traditional RPA and then there's KraftABot.

Hey there.

I’m KraftABot.

And I can effortlessly automate all tasks that involve simulating human-computer interactions. I deliver 10X faster ROI and accelerated results in any business environment. I’m revolutionizing how virtual bots are changing the future of work.
I'm the new wave of RPA technology you can relate to.
Let me automate your business process today!


One RPA Bot.


Infinite possibilities.


From handling high-end data processing tasks, data augmentation to functioning with cognitive capabilities, I get things done intelligently and efficiently. Integration with current and legacy systems, ERP, CRMs? Not cumbersome at all! I’m ALL you’d possibly need to keep your business running.

I’m just one BOT but can wear multiple hats.


I can handle your operations till noon, be your administrative assistant till evening, fulfill your orders till mid-night & take care of your accounting and audits till next day. Oh, and I can go granular. I can handle multiple processes with varying workloads at the same time. YOU define my scope of work.


Setting Me Up Is A Doddle

You don’t require special coding skills or be an automation developer to get me setup. Just show me what I need to do and I can simulate the task with precision. I can also come with AI & Cognitive capabilities if you need me to. Just push a button


Why KraftABot?

Because I’m built for everyone! Non-tech individuals and businesses aspiring to ride the RPA wave to SMEs & Enterprises who want to tap the potential of RPA, I’m your go-to BOT. No more unnecessary implementation & training costs that come with traditional RPA deployments. Save time and money and create visible business outcomes.

Scalable on the Go

One BOT or multiple BOT instances. You decide. I’m capable of automating one business process or you can manage multiple BOT’s through our KraftABot Enterprise Manager. I scale-up with your business models and complement your growth strategies efficiently.

Seamless Modern & Legacy Integrations

I can just about integrate and work with any of your current or legacy applications. (I can work with your ERP, CRM, and all I.T applications) I sync in with your infrastructure and empower you with data sharing capabilities across all your devices and applications.

Enterprise-Grade Security

I can be deployed locally on your existing infrastructure so that there are no security lapses. All my work is 100% enterprise-grade encrypted and YOU stay in control of your data. I can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Easy on the Costs

Single user licenses to cost-effective enterprise solutions, I have you covered. You also save up huge costs with me as I don’t need automation developers to get me setup. You can fully own and operate me. All I need is your domain expertise.

Powerful Bot

Single user licenses to cost-effective enterprise solutions, I have you covered. You also save up huge costs with me as I don’t need automation developers to get me setup. You can fully own and operate me. All I need is your domain expertise.It doesn't matter what your process is, if you can show me how it's done, I'll get it with precision and I never tire. I can take over any or all repetitive tasks in your process.

No Coding

You can configure me using very simple "drag and drop" instructions. No coding experience required ever. You just need to be a process expert to get me installed, configured. and I'm all set within minutes.

I'm one but three solutions.

Simply put. You can utilize me in three different ways.
I can be taught. I can be scheduled. And I can be managed and monitored. That's giving you awesome flexibility and choices as easy as a breeze.

KraftABot Design Studio

Design the Process Workflow

Teach me what I need to do using a very simple “drag and drop” interactive user interface. I learn the specifics (what you type, the buttons you click, the windows you shift) of your routine tasks and execute a test run before I’m loaded onto the actual scheduler for actual automation.



Execute The Process Workflow

This is the part of me where I execute the actual automation tasks that I’m designed for using the design studio. I’m fuelled by a powerful BOT background engine that keeps me running 24/7. I’m 100% dependable and don’t need breaks or paid time off.


Manage The Workflow With

KraftABot Enterprise Manager

I’m all about empowering YOU with full control of your automated processes. KraftABot Enterprise Manager is the Air Traffic Control for all your BOTs locally & globally across all your business units. With just a click of a button, you can reschedule, start, stop, and secure your BOT framework.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding the benefits of using RPA and specifically KraftABot. For everything else, we’ve got a swift support team to back you up.

What are the benefits of implementing KraftABot RPA?
Traditional RPA implementation by itself brings about a myriad of benefits. (I) KraftABot RPA takes it a notch higher. We call it "effortless” RPA implementation because of the ease of use, instant ROI realization, the interactive UI (drag-and-drop approach) and the fact that ANYONE can get started with me. You need not be a software developer or have a computer Masters to get your way around me.

What tasks can you automate for me?
Literally anything. I can automate any task done on any browser or a desktop. Here’s a list that is not limited to but I can create and send invoices, reconcile accounts, data conversion & extraction, send out emails, integrate with your ERP to configure business processes, generate reports or automate the lead capture process on your CRM. I’m also AI-powered too and provide you with some really cool predictive capabilities.
How long does a typical KraftABot RPA Implementation take?
Depending upon what processes you need to automate, I can either be set up and in 24-48 hour cycle or up to a week for enterprise-wide implementations. You need not write a single line of code. All I need are people who are process experts in their line of business to set up my workflow, execute and just stretch back and watch me go seamlessly autopilot.
Can I really realize rapid revenue and process optimization through KraftABot?
Oh yes! Due to the innate features, I was born with, I can start helping you realize the process benefits and cost savings right from day one. Imagine me taking over any or all of the tasks that are currently being executed by my human counterparts and executing them flawlessly with zero errors. I empower you to augment human intellect for something far more meaningful.

Higher efficiency and productivity

Reports indicate that 70% of the process redundancies can be eliminated with an effective RPA deployment.

Improve Process Quality

Human element is always prone to errors but not with a virtual bot. It get's done tasks error free.

Speed of execution

Virtual BOTs capable of getting the same work done as humans 10 - 30 X times faster with greater compliance


Latest News And Blog Posts


Growth enterprise? KraftABot is here for you.

Vertical growth strategies are key to organizational growth. The more granular you go into your market decisioning activities, it binds you to uncover opportunities to optimize your product/service offering.

KraftABot is helping BPO & ITES companies thrive.

The KraftABot team was commissioned to automate a text message marketing campaign for a Telecom Provider. The previous process had to manually filter out the numbers against the DND registry and multiple other validations ahead of the campaign execution. The process was time-consuming, there were redundant steps involved.

Digitization a key priority? KraftABot’s Digital-First roadmap helps you succeed.

Organizations are turning to digital channels increasingly to manage the gap between their customers, the ever-changing market demands and the stakeholders. Process automation brings accelerated benefits when deployed responsibly.


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