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Automate your customer-related operations to provide a hassle-free, first-rate experience for your visitors.

Operational Management in Hotels

Control hotel reservations, keep an eye on occupancy, and implement required adjustments.

Using Chatbot’s to Update Travelers

To keep travellers informed about flight schedules, booking status, and to provide them the ability to ask questions, deploy attended RPA bots and chatbot solutions for the airline industry and for travel portals.

Price comparison for hotels

Analyze the prices of numerous hotels and bed-and-breakfasts in various locations and pricing ranges. Offer the most value across all of your lodging facilities.

Workforce Planning

Whenever a restricted flight is operating, especially one that is within the country, automatically assign a flying crew.

Relationship Management with Customers

RPA-powered digital CRM platform for customer engagement. Automate the bill creation process and offer speedy resolutions for complaints and disputes. new information should be added to client profiles.

Verify compliance reports, close any fraudulent accounts, and flag any suspicious activity

Payments and Invoicing

RPA bots used in conjunction with a digital billing platform can improve billing and settlements. Bills, invoices, and receipts can be sent to consumers automatically through mailing.

Dispute Resolution and Cancellation

Quicker resolution of connected concerns and expedited cancellation of tickets.

Handling Flight Disruptions by Oneself

In the event of flight cancellations or rescheduling, you can self-manage rebooking, refunds, cancellations, customised alternatives, etc.